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Our Moringa Products

Every part of this wonder plant is used
- As Food, Medicine, or Cosmetics.

Organic Moringa Leaves Powder

Moringa has several essential vitamins and minerals. The leaves have 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times more potassium than bananas. It also has calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids, which help your body heal and strengthen tissue.


Moringa Tea Cut Leaves

Moringa tea is just one drink that this superfood rage has produced. The tea that is brewed from the leaves of moringa or drumstick tree is now a favorite refreshment.

 Fresh and Dry Moringa Tea Cut Leaves in the Wooden Bowl with the Wooden Spoon.
Tea Cut

Moringa Flower Powder

Moringa is a wonder tree. Every bit of leaves, fruit, flowers, and roots — is nutritious and has been used by contemporaries. It is deemed as a superfood.

The flowers have such a fine and soft surface, but once cooked, it takes a more extensive sturdy flavor, similar to the taste of mushrooms.

Moringa Fruits/Pods Powder

Moringa is a genus of trees & shrubs with multi-purpose uses: its leaves, roots, and immature pods are utilized as a vegetable. All parts of the moringa are edible and the seed pods are selected while still green and consumed fresh or prepared.

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Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is a good and healthy, monounsaturated oil that's powerful in protein and other composites. As a vital oil, moringa has advantages for moisturizing and cleansing the skin. It can also be done for acne and as a moisturizing hair treatment


Moringa Kernels

Moringa kernel is used essentially for moringa oil extraction. Drum stick kernel used for water purifying. Drum stick kernels are also used as the mastocyte stabilizer and common anti-inflammatory food. Moringa seed kernel color is white.

By Forest & Kim Starr, CC BY 3.0,
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Moringa Pellets

100% pure natural moringa pellets for animal feed such as goats, sheep, lamb, cattle, poultry, and fish, moringa pellets for pigs and pig feed, etc.


Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds are collected from the pods of the Moringa plant (Moringa Oleifera) or the drumstick tree, belonging to Northern India. Pure and fresh moringa seeds are quite tender, but as soon as they get dried, they become hard and start to relate to small beans.

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Moringa Bark Powder

On the advantages of Moringa products, Moringa is so versatile that most of its parts can be transformed into useful products that have traditionally been known to cure many disorders. It is also beneficial for animals and other plants. The leaves, stems, pods, seeds, and roots have been used to cure or relieve many humans and animals.


Moringa Natural Gum

Moringa is sometimes used directly to the skin as a germ-killer or astringent. It is also utilized to the skin for healing abscesses, athlete's foot, dandruff, gingivitis, snakebites, warts, and wounds.


All the parts are delivered in
processed, dried or powdered formats. 

  Moringa Leaves –  
  High in Nutrients  

The moringa leaves are nutritionally very rich... Leaving behind carrots, oranges, and even milk in terms of nutrition value.

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The leaves find many uses in Indian cuisine as they are versatile and can be incorporated into the diet in many ways. Adding them to juices and using them as stir-fry vegetables are the most common ways in which they are eaten. When consumed in their natural form, the moringa leaves have no side effects. Read on to find out more about the health benefits of moringa leaves.

Those who have tuberculosis can benefit greatly from moringa leaves as they reduce the negative effects of anti-tubercular drugs. The leaves accelerate the repair of the liver cells. The leaves have a high concentration of polyphenols that protect against oxidative damage to the liver and may even reduce it. They increase the protein levels in the liver.

The liver is the site of blood detoxification, fat metabolism, and nutrient absorption and it can function properly only if the liver enzymes are normal. Moringa leaves stabilize these liver enzymes. And much more…!


Pure & Natural

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