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A Little Story About Us

India is known for its agriculture for more than 9000 years of continuous innovations.


The methods and techniques used by Indian farmers were essentially organic till the mid-twentieth century. The overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the entire world temporarily disrupted that tradition.

Now the whole world is turning towards organic food products and health systems based on traditional medicines, medicinal plants, and agrarian raw materials. There is a resurgence in the cultivation of organic food in India which is poised for a global green revolution excelling its own glorious Green Revolution of the 1960s. Organic Moringa is one of the streams of that mighty lifeline!


India exports the largest quantity of Moringa products

 85% of Moringa Products reach the Global markets from India. India has the ideal climatic conditions for high-quality Organic Moringa and centuries-old expertise in cultivating and processing every part of this Wonder Plant.

We export Moringa powder, seeds, pellets, oil, etc, to meet a variety of global demands efficiently, swiftly, and in style taping the multiple properties of the wonder plant Moringa.

Food is Medicine, Medicine is food!

—Thirumoolar, the great Tamil Saint-Poet 2000 years ago.

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Our Vision

To make the whole world One Family that would relish the irresistible mouth-watering Moringa Sambaar and a myriad of Moringa products.

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Our Mission

To meet the 07 billion taste lovers in 200 countries through our aromatic moringa foods, medicines, and cosmetics.


Pure & Natural

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