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A world leader in Moringa Products Exports


Organic & Ayurvedic

Nourishing & Detoxifying nutrient-rich super leaf.

Bulk Organic Moringa
Products Exporter

Customised  products  as  per  the
requirements  of  global  clientele


A Little Story About Us

Why Buy Our Moringa Products?

Our Moringa plants are grown in the red soil from south India which is the best soil for moringa production.  Our Moringa farms are on the outskirts of the cities and free from pollution and noise.  Our Moringa powder has more nutritional value than others. Protein in our Moringa leaf powder is a minimum of 24%  which is much higher, compared to the  other moringa products supplied by other suppliers. This is because, we do not let our moringa plants grow more than 4 feet in height, which keeps the protein and other nutritional contents level high in the leaves of Moringa. Whereas ,when the Moringa tree grows above 5 feet protein and nutritional content of the moringa tree get distributed in the other parts of the tree and naturally the nutritional value of the leaves will come down.

We do not use pesticides or other chemical fertilizers to grow our Moringa in the farms. Instead, we use only organic manure which gives high yield and rich nutrients for the crop.

Some of our team members & business partners come from southern part of India (Tamil Nadu) who have their own Moringa farms,  and have rich experience in the cultivation of Moringa crops. They also  have inherited  the traditional wisdom and experience of their forefathers in growing Moringa Plants.

To buy quality assured Moringa products, contact us through email or phone.

Moringa Benefits
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Our Moringa Products

Pure & Natural

Moringa Leaves with powder in the wooden bowel

Organic Moringa Leaves Powder

Moringa Oil with moringa flower on the white background

Moringa Oil

Dry Moringa Bark on the white background

Moringa Bark Powder

Dry Moringa Tea Cut Leaves in wooden bowl

Moringa Tea Cut Leaves

Dry Moringa Kernels

Moringa Kernels

Fresh Natural Moringa Gum cums out from the stem

Moringa Natural Gum

Moringa Drumstick Flower & seeds with powder on the wooden plate

Moringa Flower Powder

Moringa Pellets on the white background

Moringa Pellets

Moringa fruits & Pods powder in the white bowl with moringa flowers

Moringa Fruits/Pods Powder

Moringa Seeds on the white background

Moringa Seeds

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Part of Our Revenue Goes to the Alleviation of Poverty & Hunger.

We Help Farmers in
Organic Farming.

Our Team

The Most Essential Quality for
a good Team is Trust.

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What Our Clients Say

Business Meeting

The quality of Shreeyam Moringa is outstanding and meets all our defined parameters. They met some of the stringent lab testing parameters to qualify as our preferred business partners. We highly recommend Shreeyam  as their moringa farming is done in the most suitable red soil. The colour of Moringa is natural and consistent. The powder is so fine, that it blends well with all smoothies and drinks.

Our Blog Updates

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